Our vision, mission and goals

Suicide Safer London recognises and values the diversity of all communities within Greater London;

Our vision is a community where:

  • anyone having thoughts of suicide is always taken seriously;
  • anyone having thoughts of suicide knows who to talk to and where to find help, in order to keep themselves safe and protect against that part of them that wants to die;
  • anyone having thoughts of suicide has their invitations recognised, and is helped to access services appropriate to their need for safety, life protection, and life promotion:
  • the burden of suicide is recognised as a community health problem that results from normal human behaviours, and by working collaboratively all communities will take steps to become suicide-safer

Our mission

  • We provide excellence in workforce and community learning & development solutions, promoting evidence based  suicide prevention programmes to those who need them the most, empowering communities and individuals to respond compassionately and appropriately to people at risk of suicide.
  • We campaign to improve services, raise awareness and promote understanding of suicide as a community health problem.
  • We promote international partnerships with other suicide safer initiatives

Our goals

  • Recognising the problem: empower communities to build suicide awareness, alertness and intervention into the centre of all suicide prevention efforts
  • Responding appropriately: training all front line practitioners and community members to understand and develop the skills required to meet the needs of the person at risk of suicide at the point at which they ask for help
  • Common language: ensuring communities work together seamlessly, developing a common understanding of the need for joined-up, person-centred working, with timely response to the needs of the person at risk of suicide
  • Breaking the conspiracy of silence around suicide: by challenging stigma and breaking taboos through integrated community education, communities will recognise the importance of and encourage open and direct talk about suicide and mental health, understanding this as a key factor in suicide prevention
  • Creating community support for those people bereaved by suicide: safeguarding future generations and reducing isolation of those most affected
  • Life promotion: supporting communities to work together to always build life promoting activities into the heart of their suicide-safer community